The Negroni story

The Negroni is a classic grown-ups cocktail. It is a simple but perfect aperitif. An aperitif, you ask? Well, an aperitif is an alcoholic beverage most often enjoyed before a meal to trigger an appetite without crushing your senses. And it was introduced back in 1919 when a peculiar Italian aristocrat named Count Camillo Negroni ordered the then popular Americano  but asked the bartender to sub the soda water with gin. And tada, the Negroni, the granddaddy of all aperitifs was born. Or that’s what they say because no one remembers as everyone was too drunk that night…or day. But it’s a good story.

Cocktails are a forefront of a good menu. And the Negroni is considered a two birds, one stone bartender favorite because of its bitter but sweet flavors. The drink carries a festive color alongside a citrusy smell. The classic Negroni is made up of equal parts Martin Miller’s gin, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, and Campari topped with an orange peel. The flavors are bold, unique and made not to change the alcohol flavors but to rejoice them. According to Craig Bridger of “Campari’s medicinal orange character is tamed by the aromatic sweet vermouth, and gin shoots through that unlikely pair like sunlight through slated blinds.”

And did you know, upon popularity, the Negroni family capitalized on the drinks success by creating a premixed version called Antico Negroni in 1919; foreseeing the Smirnoff mojito by a good 80 years. According to Bridger’s article on AskMen, “Somer Perez, Beverage Consultant for New York City-based Couture Cocktails, said, “I love the sophisticated simplicity of a Negroni. You wouldn’t expect these ingredients to go together, but in the right hands, they marry beautifully.”  Now head out and grab yourself a Negroni or two. Then try standing on a stool … they say the Count could pull it off.