Broadcast (radio script) -Subway expansion w/mayor at town hall meeting

INTRO- It’s the battle of the transit as Mayor Tory holds a town hall meeting to advance the city’s subway plans. Our reporter Rushanthi Kesunathan is at Centennial Convention Centre right now. Mayor Tory and other local politicians have gathered turning to the public for support. But as Kesunathan reports, not everyone is along for the ride.


The city’s long awaited subway expansion plans might end tonight.

It’s been an obsession with politicians. But, the shovels are coming out.

Yet, the questions remain the same. How much will it cost? Who will pay for it? And who will it serve?

Many in the audience tonight support the one-stop subway. But advocates for the LRT say the mayor needs to rethink his decision.

Brenda Thompson is a member of the Scarborough Transit Action. A group who speaks up for transit riders.

CLIP: BRENDA THOMPSON: In-“Not all of them…

Runs 10 sec

Out – “… take them where they need to go.”

Another man, Peter Vanveryagt from south Scarborough wants plans for the one stop and LRT to start at the same time.

CLIP: PETER VANVERYAGT : In- “Our concern is…

Runs 10 sec

Out- “…relief line.”

The expansion for a subway costs $3.35 billion. An estimate set to increase as plans advance.

Tory also says the expansion will project more job growth in the region.

I’m Rushanthi Kesunathan, for Centennial News…in Toronto.