Broadcast (radio script)- U.S Consulate protest

INTRO —        Hundreds of people are gathering outside the U.S Consulate.

Rushanthi Kesunathan has the story.

{SFX} Runs : 7 secs

They are protesting U.S President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The president signed an executive order last week. The order bans people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

Zarah Khamani is from Pakistan. Another predominantly Muslim country but it’s not included in Trump’s ban.

CLIP: ZARAH—In: “I think it’s important to stand

Runs : 10 secs

Out:…show solidarity and unity.”

Protestors want the Canadian government to challenge Trump’s order. In support of immigrants, refugees and the Muslim community.

Jessica Regan is a Syrian-American citizen who lives in Canada. She volunteers as a translator for Syrian newcomers.

CLIP: JESSICA—In: “What I think of is the faces

Runs: 19 sec

Out:…that they still had no future.”

Call for a protest came from a social media invite over the weekend. The consulate responded by closing its services on Monday.

There was also a moment of silence. It was for the victims from last night’s shooting at a Quebec City mosque.

Today’s anti-Trump protest is just the start. Chilling temperatures aren’t stopping protestors from waving their posters. Or chanting.

Organizers promise they’ll be back Saturday afternoon.

Rushanthi Kesunathan, Centennial News, Toronto.