If we need someone to blame for losing a precious hour of sleep, it’s Benjamin Franklin. Daylight Saving Time was his idea. It was formed during World War I – the result of trying to save energy. Or so it seems. But it’s the 21st century and the world has changed. Phones are exploding in our hands, fast food is slow-poison, and don’t even get us started on the lack of face to face conversations.  Everything is deemed unhealthy. So, we’re not surprised some of us may want DST gone. Wiped. We’re going to change your mind.

To be precise, we want the extra light.

David Prerau is the author of “Seize the Daylight.” He said, “For most people, an extra hour of daylight in the evening after work or after school is much more usable than the hour of daylight in the morning.”

And we agree. Here’s why…

A study published in The Review of Economics and Statistics, states robbery rates have fallen by 27 percent during the DST months.

Another study done by the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed DST saves energy.

There are other studies that prove why DST is worth the loss of an hour of sleep.

But, there is also enough -or should I say more- to prove why it isn’t.

These studies have a bigger impact because of its nature. Most of these studies reveal DST is unhealthy for mankind; and that it may potentially kill you. That piece of information is heavy, it has a “bigger impact.”

UAB Associate Professor Martin Young, Ph.D., says “The Monday and Tuesday after moving the clocks ahead one hour in March is associated with a 10 percent increase in the risk of having a heart attack. The opposite is true when falling back in October. This risk decreases by about 10 percent.”

A German study revealed the “spring forward” had an unhealthy impact on people’s well- beings for an entire week until the changes registered with our bodies.

Those who oppose DST have a hard time adjusting to the time change for the first few days- be it spring or fall.

To focus on and oppose DST merely for the few days it takes to adjust to the new time is not reason enough. While, merely anything is either killing us mentally or physically opposing DST is absurd. DST lasts for eight months; eight long sunny months.

A Statistics Canada report highlights “about 40% of Canadians were below the cut-off in winter, compared with 25% in the summer.”

That is all the more reason we need to keep DST. Eight sunny months is all we need to take in all that vitamin D because vitamin D has been proven to be the simplest solution to many health problems. Besides, would you rather be out late during the cold months of November or the sunny and bright days of March? The answer is obvious.