Public forums and VR help Indigenous stories

A noted journalist believes public forums help cover the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Anna Maria Tremonti spoke to Centennial College reporters on Wednesday. Tremonti is the host of CBC Radio One’s The Current. She says the idea for a public forum sprung from a virtual reality documentary she had previously worked on. The new technology fascinated her she said. But, if they were to use it, it would be to cover a bigger issue such as the missing and murdered Indigenous women she added.

“This is for a community that has been for a long time been under reported in this country,” Tremonti said. “And for a long time we have treated minorities as another or special story as opposed to the wider scope of what’s going on in Canada.”

Public forums and virtual reality came together at the perfect time she said.

“The way we cover Indigenous issues today is different to how we did five years ago,” Tremonti said. “We cover other people’s Indigenous issues than we cover our own.”

She also added that the combination allows us (media reporters) to jump off point for a bigger issue. This allows us to take it to a community where people could talk and as a result put it on air she said.