Review: Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Japan’s newest export

Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake is a novel food trend all the way from Japan.

Are you passionate about cheesecake? If you answered yes, you must have heard of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecake. The popular dessert from Tetsushi Mizokami, a 67 year old entrepreneur, has landed in Toronto.

And the hype for a six- inch just baked cheesecake is unbelievable. People are willing to wait hours for their share.  But, is the wait worth it?

This is not your ordinary cheesecake. It is very light and less sweet than your average cheesecake. It has no crust, and the moist spongy soufflé texture is said to come from folding beaten egg whites into a batter (with gloved hands, not utensils) and baking it in a water bath for 15 minutes.

According to a review on Yelp by Jasmine S. of Toronto, ON “I can’t say we would come back, it was good but definitely not worth the hype. If you are willing to wait for their cakes then I say it’s worth trying once. But to me the wait is not worth it. It all boils down to personal preference, if you like regular rich cheesecake or fluffy light cheesecake.”

Unfortunately due to popular demand, there is a strict one per customer rule. And no single slices. The entire cake consists of 1200 calories; so don’t scarf it down all at once.

Also, your share of bliss is only 10 bucks taxes included.

With just three ovens in the store, the store can only bake up to 12 batches at a time. Which ultimately means the cakes are fresh out of the oven and sold to the customer with no room to sit and become stale.

“Make, sell, make, sell,” said Tetsushi Mizokami in an interview. And when asked about the size of the store and the location he says he wasn’t aware it would turn out to be so popular. The brand has over 70 locations across Asia, some are franchised but Toronto’s location is owned by the company.

And it really does come down to preference. So the question is, has it been worth the wait for you? Or are you like me and have better things to do with your time?